Mission Statement

Offer the most sustainable staking services for PoS blockchains in the industry by choosing the most sustainable option whenever possible and over-compensate by supporting sustainable initiatives whenever a service is not at least carbon-neutral.

How we achieve this

We minimise our footprint (the impact on the environment of human activity) and maximise our handprint (the actions we take to positively impact the climate). We speak about climate positive or net-positive if a handprint is larger than a footprint.

Supplier Policy

We carefully select our suppliers based on their dedication to sustainability. They should be in line with our own mission/vision. This means choosing suppliers that use renewable energy and otherwise actively engage in reducing their footprint.

Green Business Benchmark

Speedy Staking is certified by Green Business Benchmark with a Platinum rating.


Green Business Benchmark’s online sustainability program tracks completed initiatives & awards points based on the initiatives’ impact in the following categories:

Computer/IT/Engineering, Prerequisites, Transportation, Consumption & Waste, Water Use, Energy & Emissions and Work from Home.

This program helps us keep track of our completed initiatives and areas where we as an organisation can improve, so we can work towards being as sustainable as possible.

Gold Standard

Speedy Staking offsets and compensates all carbon emissions through Gold Standard Projects.

We support projects that help achieve the following UN Sustainable Development Goals:


Gold Standard, established in 2003, aims to guarantee that carbon emission reduction projects uphold superior environmental integrity while promoting sustainable development. They seek to accelerate progress toward the Paris Agreement and Sustainable Development Goals through robust standards and verified impacts.

We support transitioning to a low-carbon future by offsetting our unavoidable emissions with high-impact carbon credits from Gold Standard-certified projects. Projects which not only help protect the planet from the effects of climate change but also help to improve the lives of people in vulnerable communities by supporting sustainable development.

Chimpanzee Guardian

Speedy Staking supports the Jane Goodall Institute by becoming a Chimp Guardian.

Their Work

By becoming a Chimpanzee Guardian for Kefan, Kabi, Anzac and Wounda, we support their care and help the Jane Goodall Institute keep its promise never to turn away a chimpanzee in need from the Tchimpounga Chimpanzee Rehabilitation Center.

The JGI puts local communities at the heart of conservation; they improve the lives of people, animals and the environment. JGI brings the power of community-centred conservation to life through nine strategies that build on each other such as Conservation Science, Healthy Habitats, Sustainable Livelihoods and Chimpanzee protection.

Sustainability Report

You’ll find details about our efforts and exacting reporting on our sustainability efforts in our Sustainability Report.