Speedy Staking verified by Staking Rewards

We’ve been working hard to improve our systems and services for the past few months. With the launch of our new website last year, the expansion to other testnets and the addition of Robin to the team in February. A lot has happened for Speedy Staking!

We’ve also made a lot of improvements behind the scenes when it comes to security and monitoring.

It can be hard to pick a safe, reliable, secure validator that will be around for the long term. Of course, you don’t want to risk staking with a validator that changes fees out of nowhere, turns off their nodes or doesn’t communicate at the most crucial moments. That’s why we wholeheartedly support Staking Rewards‘ (the leading data provider for staking and crypto-growth tools) mission to foster trust and transparency within the staking industry through their Verified Staking Provider Program.

In an unregulated and rapidly evolving market, the program serves as a vital mechanism for ensuring the integrity and reliability of staking providers, fostering trust and transparency within the staking industry. 

We’re incredibly pleased to share that we have been successfully verified, furthering our commitment to security, reliability and sound business practices! Our rating:


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What it verifies

This program verifies the following criteria:

  • Business Operations
    • Looking at things such as liability, accountability and compliance
  • Reliability
    • Aspects such as historical performance, maintenance setup and monitoring/alerting
  • Security
    • Things like key management, security standards and node redundancy


What the scores mean

Based on these criteria, a staking provider gets a score assigned from D to AAA, with a minimum of A necessary to become verified.

  • A – Meets our verification criteria
  • AA – Meets our verification criteria very well
  • AAA – Exceeds our verification criteria


What it brings to you as a staker

Of course, this doesn’t change the rewards you receive, but it does bring you many other things! Some of the benefits of staking with us as a Verified Staking Provider:

  • It confirms your trust in us as a reliable and secure staking provider, knowing we’re focused on providing sustainable services for the long term;
  • It brings you convenience; you can ‘forget’ about your delegation with us as we’ll be around when you come to check in again;
  • You’re able to indirectly assess our off-chain setup through information that is not usually available to stakers (think security setup);
  • It proves our use of best practices;
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