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Why Choose us

Speedy Staking provides professional validator services for Proof-of-Stake blockchains. Our team comprises highly skilled and educated professionals in tech and business, with years of experience in the blockchain and cryptocurrency industry. Our servers consist of over-spec hardware and are run using 100% renewable energy.

Dedicated Support

Are you new to crypto or staking? Need help setting up a decentralised wallet? We’re here to help, 24/7!

Climate Positive

Our Casper nodes run on 100% renewable energy. We additionally support Gold Standard projects.

Low Commission

We charge a 3% commission, so you get 97% of the rewards. Without compromising performance & service.

100% Uptime

We are dedicated to 100% uptime and nothing less.


Staking CSPR directly with validators is secure. Your Keys, Your Crypto.


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The future-proof Layer 1.

Speedy Staking provides you the opportunity to stake directly on the Casper Network for a low commission, 100% uptime and with dedicated support.


Our servers already use 100% renewable energy. Because of our dedication to a low-carbon world, we additionally support Gold Standard projects every month. These projects not only help protect the planet from the effects of climate change but also help to improve the lives of people in vulnerable communities by supporting sustainable development.

We support projects that help achieve the following UN Sustainable Development Goals:


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What People are Saying

Don’t just take our word for it. Read reviews from several of our long-term clients.

After almost a year with Speedy Staking, I’m sure I made the best decision. Just join his telegram group, and you will feel the satisfaction of all the members. The lowest fees plus 100% performance on his node are his merits.


I have been trusting Speedy Staking for more than a year. You need a validator that gives you security, technical assistance and advice. Speedy Staking has it all, plus the lowest commission on the market. My cryptos will always be staked with Speedy Staking.


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Frequently Asked Questions

Why should I choose Speedy Staking?

Highly skilled and educated team. Years of experience in the blockchain and cryptocurrency industry. Nodes with over-spec hardware, run using 100% renewable energy. Additionally, you’ll help support Gold Standard projects.

How can I contact you? Where can I get help with staking?

The fastest way to get help with staking is to join our Telegram group. If you’re a business and are interested in working together, the best way to contact us is through our contact form.

Which networks do you offer staking services for?

Speedy Staking started as a validator for Casper Network. This is because we believe in Casper’s focus on enterprise adoption. We will expand into other networks in the future.

What is staking?

Staking cryptocurrencies is a process where you commit (‘lockup’) your crypto to support a PoS (Proof-of-Stake) blockchain network and help confirm transactions through a validator. In return, you get staking rewards in the form of crypto.

How do I start staking?

Depending on your wallet, you’ll go either to to stake, or you can stake directly through the wallet. We have video tutorials in English and Spanish, which lead you through all the process steps. And of course, we’re available if you need any help.

When can I unstake? How long does unstaking take?

You can unstake at any time. After you unstaked, it takes 7-8 ERAs or 14-16 hours for your CSPR to return to your liquid balance, after which you can freely do with it as you please.

Are my CSPR tokens safe while being staked?

Staking with validators is safe. Should in the worst case, the validator go offline or become inactive, you won’t receive rewards anymore. In this case, you can simply unstake and restake with a different validator. You always have complete control over your tokens.

How much commission do you charge? How many rewards do I get?

We charge a 1% commission for our Casper node. This means that for every 100 CSPR in staking rewards, we get 1 CSPR and you as a delegator receive 99 CSPR.

When do I receive my staking rewards?

When you first start staking, it takes 4-5 hours for your first rewards to show up. Staking rewards are paid every ~2 hours. You can follow your staking rewards on on your account overview, under the Staking Rewards tab.

Which wallet do you recommend?

Ledger supports CSPR, so if you already have a Ledger, we recommend you use that. If you don’t have one or prefer to use a software wallet, we recommend CasperDash, an easy-to-use mobile wallet which you can also use to stake.

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João Diogo Silva

Node Maintenance & Business Development

João has several years of experience running validator nodes for Layer 1 blockchains and has a master’s degree in Economics and Business Management. He has been involved in crypto for several years and started his validator journey at the beginning of 2021.

Starting off by running a validator node on the Casper network providing users with reliable, economical and secure staking services and expanded by running testnet nodes for several other blockchains. His primary focus areas are Node Maintenance and Business Development.

Jeroen Abel

Business Development & Partnerships

Jeroen started his journey in blockchain and cryptocurrencies in 2014 and gave his first presentation on the subject at the beginning of 2015. Since then, he has acquired a BSc in Business IT & Management and is currently finishing his MBA. He has build up several years of experience working in the blockchain industry and IT managing several teams.

Jeroen joined Speedy Staking in November 2022 to expand to other networks and professionalise Speedy Staking’s services. His primary focus areas are Business Development & Partnerships.