KuCoin Community Chain – Stake now!

We’re very pleased to share that we have partnered with KuCoin Community Chain to offer staking services to our community!


The token of KCC is KCS, perhaps best known for being used on the KuCoin exchange for discounted trading fees.


You can now stake your KCS with our Speedy Staking validator node for a 3% commission and a variable APR (currently ~2.4%). Don’t let your tokens sit idle, instead stake them!


Useful links


We will be adding documentation on staking KCS to our Knowledge Base in the near future, so keep an eye out. And if you need any help with staking, please join our Telegram group!


Thank you for your continuous support!

Staking with Speedy Staking not only helps secure blockchains, but it also helps make the planet more sustainable! 💚

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