Green Business Bureau – Platinum certified

As you probably know by now, sustainability is at the core of Speedy Staking’s operations. 🍃 We choose the most sustainable option (think suppliers) whenever possible and over-compensate whenever a service isn’t or can’t be carbon-neutral. Additionally, we support initiatives that reduce the global carbon footprint, foster and support healthy ecosystems and help improve people’s lives in vulnerable communities by supporting sustainable development.
Green Business Bureau’s online sustainability program tracks actions and completed initiatives in the following categories and awards points based on the initiatives’ impact:



This program helps us keep track of our completed initiatives and areas where we as an organisation can still improve, so we can work towards being as sustainable as possible.


We’re very pleased to share that we have been certified by Green Business Bureau. Our rating:


Visit our profile here.

Our platinum certification from Green Business Bureau underlines our dedication to sustainability and green business operations by implementing these green initiatives. More about our sustainability efforts can be found in our Sustainability Report.


What certification levels are there?

Based on the number of completed initiatives, you will reach one of the following levels:

  • Bronze – Prerequisites
  • Silver – 250+ points
  • Gold –  500+ points
  • Platinum – 750+ points


Staking with Speedy Staking not only helps secure blockchains but it also helps make the planet more sustainable! 💚

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