Casper Mainnet Celebration Result

Happy Birthday to Casper! Casper’s Mainnet officially turned 2 years on March 31st. As promised, we have pulled the winners from all entries in the giveaway that followed the rules. Thank you for staking with us and taking part in the giveaway!


The winners:

  • 1st place –  1 EggForce NFT + 500 CSPR – 0203ccb1a8530d112327013a601a6d5911f559ead3c755636a95d4eed9e91a548f9e
  • 2nd place – 2500 CSPR – 020254bf2be9834c17ef62354b5299d44428a9507d47373bf6d13b01a1ac4de2716b
  • 3rd place – 2000 CSPR – 01bd53abcf914f5e6371e2a9690056149c756ebabfcf3112f88fb2a6e3dedf94e4
  • 4th place – 1500 CSPR – 0203444b0df4c21d9f91413c27ff91a4ed0351d0380279763f9677e56b69a00b06db
  • 5th place – 1000 CSPR – 02023f7a7168bf066b0f995b61e12c77f52ba9ba4ecb14bc7189a7bbbc395ec19a91


  • EggForce NFT whitelist spots – Everyone who entered with a valid Casper wallet address and staked at least 10’000 CSPR with us will receive their whitelist spot for EggForceNFT on their entered address.


Congratulations to all our winners! Your CSPR will arrive in your wallet shortly. We will contact the winner of the EggForce NFT directly. If you missed out this time, don’t worry; we will have more giveaways and exciting contests to participate in in the future!


Thank you for your continuous support!
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