Report a Vulnerability/Bug


If you believe you have found a vulnerability/bug, please submit a report via email to or fill in below contact form. This address/form can be used for (potential) vulnerabilities/bugs in any of Speedy Staking’s services.


Please follow these guidelines:
  • Please don’t share any vulnerability information with third parties;
  • Please use a descriptive email subject reflecting the potential vulnerability;
  • Please only use said vulnerability/bug once to demonstrate PoC; please don’t continue using said vulnerability/bug.


We would appreciate the report containing as much detail as possible:
  • Your contact information(we’re happy with anonymous reports as well);
  • Type of vulnerability (firewall issues, XSS, SQL injection, remote code execution etc.);
  • A detailed description of the vulnerability/bug and its location;
  • Detailed steps to reproduce the vulnerability (screenshots and videos are extremely helpful!);
  • PoC and/or exploit code;
  • The vulnerability/bug’s potential impact and likelihood of abuse (for example: what data can be accessed or modified, how easy is it to abuse this vulnerability/bug, how often can it be abused etc.);
  • Mitigations or workarounds.


Thank you for any information you provide us.

Vulnerability/Bug Form

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